Kadiya Qasem is a British born, Yemeni Greek photographer whose work explores themes of otherness, memory, identity and desire.


2019 Representation on the Line III: (Un)framing our Identities, Hundred Heroines, Royal Photographic Society, Blackpool

2019 Representation on the Line II: (Un)framing our Identities, Hundred Heroines, Royal Photographic Society, London

2019 BORDERS, Spaceless Gallery, London

2019 Too Tired Project, Chicago

Selected features and publications

Plain Magazine - The Allure of Otherness by photographer Kadiya Qasem

FotoRoom - Ten Best #FotoMobile Submissions Vol. 41

Soundvision Vol. 1 (Print)

The Earth Issue 

Medium - work featured as part of the Twenty photography magazines you should definitely follow on Instagram

Instagram features

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